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J.B. and Johnella Mayberry

J.B. and Johnella Mayberry

J.B. Mayberry and Sons Funeral Home was founded in 1951. The Family Owned Funeral Home has remained in the same location all of its years. The services have grown according to the people's wishes in consideration of nuclear and conventional family services. They have expanded our offerings utilizing technology and cremation and/or memorial servicing. The cost of services provided to our families has remained affordable and reasonable throughout. Though J.B. Mayberry and Sons is a funeral provider, they are your neighbors and count their blessings in knowing they have friends like you. J.B. Mayberry and Sons Funeral Home provides delicate care and transport of your loved one. Also, they provide limousine service and a large chapel for your convenience.

Mrs. Johnella Mayberry

Mrs. Johnella Mayberry

The Mayberry's have earned a reputation of being compassion and caring by ensuring the family's needs are their greatest concern. J.B. Mayberry and Sons Funeral Home is committed to upholding the highest ethical standard possible in the removal and care of your loved one. Their staff participates in many charitable organizations as well as provide a “Church Ministry Behind the Wall.”


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"When Memories Remain, Let Them Be Beautiful."

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